Bumbling Our Way Through NYC

DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion is advised.

Most of us have seen Sex in the City (the OG TV series because the movies don’t count), and if you haven’t, I can sum it up for you pretty quickly. Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion obsessed writer living in a rent controlled (yet, adorable) one bedroom apartment in NYC, who writes a column about her and her three best friends’ sex and dating lives. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, it’s outlandish and sometimes heart wrenching. Most people watching probably believe that most of the things that happen to the quad can’t be real, that the show must have been created strictly for entertainment purposes. Because after all, NYC is full of millions of people, dating can’t be that hard, can it?

I’m here to tell you that it can and that the fictional character, Carrie Bradshaw, was not trying telling her story in the 21st century. Now, over a decade later, it has gotten much, much more interesting. Bradshaw didn’t have a myriad of dating apps to navigate through. She didn’t have to decipher text messages, read too much or too little into an Instagram ‘like’ or a mysterious SnapChat. Nor did she have to understand terms like “being ghosted” & “cuffing season” or experience the confusion that comes with “submarine effect” (well, maybe she did, but it didn’t have a name!). She didn’t go on a first date looking for the classic red flags of a “f*ck boy”. She was never broken up with over text message and I can promise you, her stories don’t hold a candle to the ones I’m about to share.

I’m introducing a new content series on my blog, “#Unfiltered: Bumbling Our Way Through NYC”, that will feature all of the untold stories of the 21st century millennial dating scene. Some of the stories I share you won’t be able to help but laugh, some will be heartbreaking and others will leave you questioning the entire male species. Some posts will be long and in-depth, while others will be short and to the point. There will be recurring characters (all names have been changed) and there will be one-hitters with experiences that are simply too rich not to share. I can promise you one thing, all of the stories are 100% real, because quite honestly I can’t make this sh*t up.


To start, I’ll give you a little more background on myself. I moved to the Big Apple from a small-town in Pennsylvania. I was in a relationship with a kind, sweet, amazing guy throughout high school and most of college. Growing up I always believed in the fairy-tale, and even with everything I’ve seen and been through in this city, a big part of me still does. But this city and these experiences have made me question many of the things I grew up believing to be true and inevitable (at times, it has even left me feeling lonely or hopeless). But I have my best friends, a great job and a loving family back in PA, so I consider myself unbelievably blessed.

I hope this is entertaining at the very least. Those of you who are reading this and are in a loving, committed relationship – I’m sure this will make you count your blessings and hug your significant other a little tighter tonight. For those of you navigating the dating world in this city, or any city, God speed (at least we can laugh about it together).