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Using Cheap Caribbean to Plan a Trip to the Dominican Republic

Using Cheap Caribbean to Plan a Trip to the Dominican Republic

My genuine experience with booking a girls trip to the Dominican Republic using the Cheap Caribbean travel website.

My March Favorite Beauty Products

My March Favorite Beauty Products

It’s that time again – my favorite beauty products from March! This month I tried a wind range of products in terms of categories and prices. On this list you will find things you can purchase from $7 to $125, so there is something for […]

The 7 Best Websites for Women Who Work

The 7 Best Websites for Women Who Work


Attention all women who work! There are websites out there designed with you in mind. These websites are so valuable for growth, development, and networking with other female professionals. I have found each one of these sites so useful in my daily, working world. I think it’s important to utilize the resources we have available to us to give us as many advantages as we can.




Great website for connecting with other girl bosses. They provide great resources for women in all stages of their career. Follow them on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest for some working girl inspiration and articles you may have missed.


Bossed Up 


Their mission is to help women craft happy, healthy, and sustainable career paths with their award-winning personal and professional development training. They also foster a career community to help women feel empowered. Bossed Up even have bootcamps at various locations around the country.


Marie Forleo 


Looking for some boss inspiration? Look no further. Marie Forleo provides budding entreprenuers with tips, tricks, inspiration and empowerment. Seriously spend a few minutes on her blog or YouTube channel and you’ll be ready to take on the world!


Fairy God Boss


Fairy God Boss is set up more like a LinkedIn or Glassdoor than a blog. But there are extremely valuable resources for women who work all over their website. They provide salary and maternity leave resources, jobs, and a safe place for women to go to ask and answer each other’s questions.


Power to Fly


Like Fairy God Boss, this site is designed to help women in the job search process. This one has a unique spin though. Katharine Zaleski and Milena Berry launched Power to Flow to help women find jobs that allow them to work from home. They will actually place qualified women into telecommuting jobs that fit their professional desires.


Career Contessa


Career Contessa is an advice website for working women, but they do not shy away from grey area topics. They touch on everything from when to quit your job, interview advice, professional development, and side hustle. If you have a question you need answered, I advise starting here.




While this website is not necessarily geared toward women, it is hugely helpful in the battle against the wage gap. Users are able to create a profile for their potential job and find out what salary they should be negotiating for. It takes many variables into consideration, that women may overlook when calculating their desired income for a new position.


I hope you found at least one or two of these websites helpful. I encourage all women who work, no matter how you define work, to take advantage of resources available to you! Let me know if you have used any of these or any other sites that may be useful to some of the other readers.


7 best websites for working women



48 Hours In Nova Scotia

48 Hours In Nova Scotia

I don’t really know how or why we decided to plan a trip to Nova Scotia, but it was absolutely worth it. Nova Scotia is such a hidden gem in Canada, many people don’t even know about it or what it has to offer! I […]

10 Easy Changes to Make to Your Hair Routine for Stronger, Healthier Hair

10 Easy Changes to Make to Your Hair Routine for Stronger, Healthier Hair

You don’t have to buy the most expensive shampoo and products to get beautiful, healthy hair. I’m not going to argue against the fact that when it comes to products you often get what you pay for. I will, however, say that there are small changes […]

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed to Make Your Voice Heard

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed to Make Your Voice Heard

It is no coincidence that “National Be Heard Day” fell in March, which is also Women’s History Month. This day not only encourages people to speak their minds, but it encourages others to listen. Sadly, there are thousands of humanitarian and equality issues that still plague this beautiful planet of ours and too few people who actually care. Even though this national day passed, today I encourage you to take a stand for something you’re passionate about and express yourself. Make yourself be heard. Demand attention and draw light to issues you believe in.


National Be Heard Day

When I first read that National Be Heard Day was approaching I naturally was inclined to write a blog post about it. I started to brain dump all of the issues that I feel passionately about, and trust me, there were plenty.


For context, I am not someone who uses my social media account to promote my beliefs or even worse to tarnish the beliefs of others. I don’t go around pronouncing my political beliefs to anyone who will listen, so that is not what this post is about at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. I want to encourage people to talk candidly about issues. Real issues. Things that affect their lives and the lives of those around them. Things that need to be changed. Even things that may be a-political in nature.


Take Beth Breslaw for example.

Many of you may remember her story from a few years ago, and for those of you that don’t here is a quick synopsis. One of her friends who worked in New York City’s Financial District told her about a term she coined called manslamming. Basically  when men are so oblivious or entitled that they assume women will move out of the way when they are walking, so much so that if the woman doesn’t move out of the way it will usually result in the woman being knocked (or slammed) into.


Beth thought this may be a phenomena only happening in the Financial District – for those of you who have been down to “Fi Di” in NYC you understand why. To test this hypothesis she wanted to expand the parameters. She decided that wherever she was walking she would do so confidently and on a straight path. Unless the person (male or female) walking toward her made some indication that they were willing to get out of the way first, she would not alter her path. The results were staggering. A very large majority of men ended up colliding with her.


Since reading this article in 2015 I have noticed that nothing has changed. I find myself stepping off of the sidewalk, sometimes into a puddle or muddy spot, in order to avoid a collision. Now I am not hating on men. I have a ton of guy friends and I think they’re all amazing people. This example is just exemplifying that there is something deep within our culture that still says a man is somehow worthy of more than a woman. That a woman should cater to the needs of a man, before her own (or her shoes).


Take a stand

Beth Breslaw took a stand and because of it she was heard on a national scale. It does not take fame and money to be heard. If more people spoke up for what they believed in and personified the change they wanted to see in the world, I have no doubt the world would be a better place.


My advice to all women, young and older is don’t wait for someone else to do it. Embody change in whichever way you are most comfortable with.


Voice Heard





Terrain at Styers Garden – Brunch in Delaware County

Terrain at Styers Garden – Brunch in Delaware County

It’s Sunday again and you know what that means – brunch! The day you can nurse your hangover guiltlessly with an assortment of breakfast and/or lunch foods. The options are virtually endless and that’s what makes it so magnificent. I decided to get out of […]

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Celebrate Women on International Women’s Day

Celebrate Women on International Women’s Day

They say you become like the five people you hang out with the most.

It’s so unbelievably important to surround yourself with people who lift you up and route for your success as much as their own. For those of you who don’t know, March is National Women’s History Month and today is #InternationalWomensDay.

This day allows us to come together and celebrate strong, powerful women who have impacted the lives and future lives of so many. Girls are now able to grow up believing that they are able to accomplish anything their male counterparts can. They don’t perceive differences due to gender in the way that generations before them have. We all have the women who came before us to thank for that. Those who were willing to stand up for what they believed in, big or small. Those who continue to pave the way.

We, as a younger generation of women, need to remember all of the great strides that have taken place before us. We need to lift each other up instead of tearing each other’s successes down. It’s important to remember that someone else’s success does not take away from your own. As women we constantly feel as though we are in competition with one another, when in-fact we are all on the same team. We are all up against the same odds of inequalities and indignities in our personal and potentially our professional lives. With so many issues still ahead of us, why would we not unify? Why would we not celebrate another woman’s success? 

Feminism is not a negative thing.

The term “feminism” tends to have a negative connotation. People hear feminism and think rally’s and marches and dread locks and male hate. These are part of a larger stereotype that needs to be broken in order to effectively address of all the issues I hope my future children never have to face. Women are already strong, feminism is not trying to prove that. Feminism is simply trying to change the conversation and shed light on issues that have long been avoided. 

There are many strides that have to be made.

There are still wage gaps that need to be closed. There are far too few women executives in the United States. Even some of the most powerful women in the country STILL have to deal with harassment in the workplace (ie. Megyn Kelly). There is a stigma that in order to be a successful business woman you have to appear hard and unemotional. To be successful you have to choose between a family and a career. Internationally. there are still far too few women who are able to receive a basic education or basic human rights because of their gender.

Tremendous strides have been made and should be celebrated, it’s important to remember all the work that still has to be done. So surround yourself with people you want to be like. Surround yourself with people that challenge you and bring out your best self. Surround yourself with women who have goals and work towards them. Surround yourself with women that inspire you to be the best you, and never settle. Don’t allow people in your life that bring anything less, and ALWAYS lift up the woman next to you.

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them.



Ruby’s Cafe Brunch – Murray Hill, NYC

Ruby’s Cafe Brunch – Murray Hill, NYC

  Brunch, every NYC girl’s favorite past time. This Sunday we chose to stay local and go to Ruby’s Cafe in Murray Hill, which we all ended up loving. It had everything we needed to cure our case of the Sunday Scaries. Style Ruby’s is an […]