9 Things You Can Do Everyday To Increase Your Happiness

9 Things You Can Do Everyday To Increase Your Happiness

Being happy is a choice  (which we too often forget). We look to other people for happiness. We blame situations or things for our sadness or our anger, forgetting we are in complete control of our thoughts and feelings (even though sometimes it may feel like you’re not – trust me we’ve all been there).

But, you attract everything in your life. If you’re constantly sad or angry or blaming others that is exactly what you will continue to attract. If you find a way to be happy through the heart break and hard times, that’s something truly magical, that’s when miracles happen. It’s so important to remember that the only person affected by being sad or angry is yourself.  So when you’re faced with a choice (which we are faced with on a daily basis), why not choose happiness?

Bad things happen, trust me I know. There are bad people and really tough situations. It’s okay to have bad days or bad moments, but too many of those quickly add up and soon life is passing you by and you’re in a negative rut. Sometimes things are so bad that we may even feel guilty for feeling or wanting to feel happy. Some days being happy requires A LOT more effort, sometimes it’s exhausting, but it’s always worth the try.


Being happy is a very personal thing, it really has nothing to do with anyone else


9 things to do every day that will make you a happier person:

Give a compliment

Giving in general has a way of doing amazing things for self-happiness and giving a compliment is one of the easiest, most effortless ways of achieving this, and you’re making someone else feel better (maybe even making their day!) Giving random compliments may feel awkward at first, but when you see how people react and how a simple gesture can make someone else light up, I promise it will become addicting. 


Give thanks

I wake up every morning and before I get out of bed I list some things that I’m thankful for. My top ones usually stay the same, but some days “a strong cup of coffee” or “the smell of my favorite candle” sneak their way in there. I strongly believe recognizing what we have already and being appreciative of it, creates an energy that allows more great things to come our way. Side note: If you’ve never heard of “The Secret”,  I strongly recommend reading it. It’s a little hokey, but it definitely changed my outlook on my own control over my life, thoughts and feelings.


A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles


Some people do this in the form of prayer others make a list or just say ‘thank you’ to the universe. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but if you take nothing else from this list, I strongly suggest trying this one. And when you do it, try to really feel it. Feel the joy and gratitude that each one of the things on your list brings you. I do it every morning and I do it whenever I start to feel sad or anxious, and it almost always puts things into perspective and helps me get out of whatever funk I’m feeling. 


Seek out something beautiful

When we’re actively looking for beauty in things we notice and appreciate it more all around us. Smile at a cute dog, the sound of a baby laughing, pretty decorations, a window display (bakeries are my favorite), or anything else that you may easily forget to notice, but immediately brings you happiness when you do. 


The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things


Take a walk

This one is a double-wammy. Walking and being active in general releases endorphins in your body which are proven to uplift a person’s mood, but there is something about getting fresh air that always makes me feel a little better. Getting up and getting moving is a great way to instantly lift your mood. (Pro tip: Sometimes when I’m extremely stressed or anxious I’ll just take a quick walk around my office)


Enjoy a small task.

This one is similar to actively seeking out the beauty and happiness around you, but we do little things everyday, why not enjoy them? Maybe it’s taking a second to really enjoy your morning cup of coffee, the weather when you take your dog out for a walk or getting lost in the song you’re listening to; don’t let the little things pass you by, because after a while those little things really do add up to big things. At first, doing this may take some practice, but after a while you’ll start to notice that you’re genuinely enjoying little things that you never realized bring you happiness (and it’s great practice for when the big things come along).


Smile, and let the world wonder why



Meditate is currently a buzz word in our culture, it’s super popular right now. You don’t have to think about it as meditating if you don’t want to. Simply take 5-10 minutes a day to be alone with your thoughts or to practice breathing and letting go of thoughts, whatever you need in that particular moment. Just be gentle with yourself and whatever you’re feeling that day, and when your thoughts wander, gently bring them back to the task at hand. 

‘Headspace’ is a great mobile app for guided meditation if you’re new to the idea, and they have a free version for those just starting out.


Drink lots of water

This one explains itself. Our bodies are made up of over 70% of water, if you’re not hydrating you’re not going to feel well mentally or physically.


Stop comparing yourself to others

This is personally the most difficult one for me. Whether it’s my career, my personal life or the way I look, I constantly find myself subtly comparing myself to other people. It really does no good. It’s great to have heros or aspire to be like someone, but comparing ourselves and putting ourselves down because we feel we’re not living up to someone else is toxic. It’s easy to get lost in social media and feel inadequate, but it’s important to remember that no one’s life is as good as it looks on social media (have you ever heard that quote, “don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel”). Also, no one looks like they do on social media. I promise you, most of the pictures you see are heavily edited. Enjoy what makes you unique and beautiful and stop letting your phone or tv tell you what their version of reality or beautiful is. 🙂


Happiness looks gorgeous on you


Wake up earlier

Even if it’s just 20 minutes earlier! It’s a proven fact that people who wake up earlier tend to be more productive and overall more successful. Even if it’s waking up to watch the morning news, get a jump on checking e-mails, going for a jog or just to quietly enjoying a cup of coffee (they don’t call me the caffeinated blonde for nothing), waking up a little earlier will give you a little “me” time first thing in the morning and set the tone for the rest of your day.









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