Farmer & The Fish – Gramercy, NYC {Review}

Farmer & The Fish – Gramercy, NYC {Review}

Farmer and The Fish is located between 19th and 20th Street on Park Ave in NYC. Just walking by the atmosphere is inviting, the people working and dining are all laughing and enjoying themselves, and the happy hour is just what you need on a hot day!



This was one of the things that attracted my friends and I to it originally. We were actually walking by last week on our way to another dinner place and noticed it. After looking up the menu we couldnโ€™t help resist, we found ourselves here a few days later.


We went at the start of summer, so they had a very outdoor/indoor vibe going. The front of the restaurant is made of all floor to ceiling glass windows/doors, which were all opened on the day we went. They have tables that are set up right along the divider, so youโ€™re able to enjoy all of the benefits of dining outside while still being indoors.


The interior is rustic, chic. They have exposed brick and lots of white walls and subway tiles, with the perfect pops of green ivy and crystal chandeliers. It all works really well together and sets the mood for whatever brings you out – happy hour with friends or a romantic date night ๐Ÿ™‚


Farmer and The Fish


I would love to get back here to explore even more of the menu because everything I had was amazing. I met some friends after work for happy hour and we sat on a high top in the bar area, so the food we ordered was very much in line with this.


To start we got a few dozen oysters with our first glass of wine to unwind a little. We decided to order a bunch of things and share, which happens a lot when weโ€™re together because we all want to try everything ๐Ÿ™‚


One of the appetizer specials of the day were Shanghai Spring Rolls, which were the perfect combination of sweet and savory (if you use the dipping sauce they come with). I do wish that our server had told us that they were deep fried before we ordered them. These went really well with the shrimp & veggie fried rice!


We also ordered a lobster roll, which was amazing but a pretty small. There were no fillers at all, it was 100% crab meat. It wasnโ€™t too heavy with mayo or other sauces. The chef included some lettuce, cucumber, and radish for an extra crunch, which really freshened the entire dish up. The bread was thick and perfectly buttery and toasted, I could have eaten 10 more ๐Ÿ™‚ It was served with a side of potato wedges, which were also done perfectly – super crispy on the outside, just how I like it!


My friends love spicy things, so I rarely get through a meal with them without trying something muy caliente haha. This time they ordered buffalo shrimp, which were breaded and deep friend but surprisingly light and flakey. I would never think to put buffalo sauce on seafood, but I am now a believer in it! There were also slices of cucumber and radish throughout this dish as well.


oysters and wine


Happy Hour:

Yes, they have a happy hour (which is not clear on their website or on Yelp!) Like most happy hours, itโ€™s the bar area only. If you go after work, chances are the bar area will be crowded, while the rest of the restaurant is completely open – this is why!


The happy hour at Farmer and The Fish is pretty standard, but extremely satisfying. It starts around 4 or 5 – we got there around 5:45, and it ends at 7. They chose 1 type of oyster that is $1 that day. They also have draft beer is $4, and a couple different white and red wines that are $6. ย 



Buffalo Shrimp and Lobster Roll

Takes Reservations:

Yes – always good to know in NYC ๐Ÿ™‚ Dining area only.


I really loved everything about Farmer and The Fish. The environment was upscale but warm and inviting. It was a great place for all different types of occasions and people. Everything we tried was delicious. I waiter was very sweet. He even noticed that we got caught up chatting and was able to extend our happy hour a little longer! The owner brought us over a glass full of bourbon cherries to try while he was mixing drinks with the bartenders at the bar.



I will definitely be back!




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