8 Must Have Shoes for Working Women in the Summer

8 Must Have Shoes for Working Women in the Summer

If you know me, you know I may have a slight serious shoe addiction. I am not super into accessories. While I love them on everyone else I just seem to always forget to add them! My infatuation with shoes is detrimental to my paycheck every month, but I decided to finally put this bad habit to good use! I put together a list of my favorite shoes for working women, because sometimes it’s hard to add style to a work wardrobe!


I personally work in the PR industry. The agency that I work for has a very relaxed dress code, not to say people don’t dress professionally, but there is definitely a sense of fashion freedom. So some of the shoes on this list may or may not be acceptable for you, depending on your place of work.


Like always, I included shoes for every price point.


Gucci Leather Slippers

Gucci MulesGucci Mules


I couldn’t write this post and not have these shoes first. My obsession is so real. These come in black and tan and go with pretty much everything. It’s hard to walk around NYC and not see these all over the place. They are perfect for a fashion-chic street style and work attire. They are perfect with jeans or a nice pair of cropped work pants. These mules are a serious statement piece that I cannot get enough of!


Steve Madden Bryanne Faux Fur

Steve Madden Sneakers

These shoes are great when you have an outfit that needs to be taken up a notch. The elevated platform trend is growing rapidly (& somewhat out of control at times). These shoes are the perfect height; they elongate your legs, provide support, but they aren’t out of control! I love them in this metallic gray, too. The only problem with these is you have to make sure there is no chance of rain when you wear them! Sam Edelman also makes a really cute pair of these in suede if you prefer that material.




Sam Edelman Patsy Espadrille Wedges

Sam Edleman Wedges

This shoe combines three of my favorite summer styles – espadrilles, lace-ups, and wedges. Espadrilles go great with any type of clothing; dresses, skirts, and pants. They add a summer vibe to every outfit that I can’t get enough of. Lace-up sandals and heels are everywhere right now. While they aren’t always practical, they are always adorable 🙂 . And wedges I love for selfish reasons. They are so much more comfortable than heels and you can only really get away with them for a couple of months, so I like to take full advantage!


Office Stripes Barely There Heels

Office Stripes

These. Shoes. I could die. The stripes, the style, and the thick heel. It’s seriously the perfect combination. I’m usually pretty basic in terms of the pieces that I put together in my wardrobe. I feel like everything could go with anything. That’s why I love shoes that stand out with patterns, they add a pop to any outfit! The best part is, you could wear these anywhere 🙂


Steve Madden Elondy Platform Wedge Sandal

I recently bought these and I think they’re perfect for work. They don’t have a huge wedge, but they definitely have enough to add some length to your legs and dress up your outfit. The best part is the price, they’re inexpensive but not cheaply made so you will definitely get your wear out of them without breaking the bank. They’re perfect for the coming months as it gets warmer out and you want your feet to breath!


Valentino Garvani Rockstud Leather Pumps


These shoes have been everywhere this winter, but I love this color combo for the summer. These are a great close-toe option, especially for meetings or an interview. Again, these are a great statement piece. Almost as recognisable as a red sole 🙂


Michael Kors Denim

Michael Kors Denim

I love these heels. They’re not normal and boring, but they also aren’t too crazy so you can wear them without feeling like you’re trying to make a huge statement. The wood/denim combo is adorable and will go great with so many summer outfits. Also, reallly love the thick heel because you know I’m all about comfort 🙂 and I don’t feel like I’m going to tip over running through the office (yes, running).

These are just a few of my favorite shoe styles this summer for women who work. The best part is that most, if not all, of these shoes can be worn outside of work too. I love pieces with versatility! Let me know what you think about these shoes for working women! And if you have any personal suggestions, leave a comment below 🙂



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