6 Mothers Day Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Use

6 Mothers Day Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Use

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you struggle every year to give your mom something that’s both meaningful and useful. This year give your mom a gift she’ll actually use. Mother’s Day is an amazing day to celebrate the most important woman in our lives, so we want to make sure we show her that, right?! I put together a few options that you can’t go wrong with and even better, there’s something for every budget!


3 Wicks Travel Tin – French Riviera Essential Oil Soy Wax Candle


Candles are always a great option, if you ask me. (I am also extremely bias because I may have a slight candle addiction). There is really nothing better than a house, room, or apartment filled with your favorite scent. But, a truly great candle has more requirements than just scent (though it is definitely at the top of the list). Candles must be cute, they have to fit the decor of the room. Candles should also burn evenly. There is nothing worse than a candle that burns all the way down on the side of the wick and leaves wax along the edges. They also shouldn’t get too hot because not only is it a fire hazard, but it a bad candle could ruin your mom’s counter tops!


Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter


Sometimes moms treat their kids better than they treat themselves. They settle for normal, traditional products. A wine bottle opener is probably one of those things, because if it works, why would she upgrade? Wrong. Get your mom this cordless power wine bottle opener so she can impress all of her friends on ladies night. Splurge on her because she won’t splurge on herself!


Floral iPhone (6/6s) Case


A new iPhone case may be more for you than your mom. My mom carries around a bright, colorful (& clunky & thick & ugly) case, which is very mom of her. This gift will help her look stylish and cute, which a lot of mom’s crave but just can’t quite get there without a little help from their kids. So this is equal part a mom and child gift. Joking, kinda. She will definitely love it though, because how often does your mom really change her iPhone case? Again, mom’s love to splurge on their kids but sometimes forget about themselves.


Heirloom Recipe and Photo Frame Recipe Organizers


I love the idea of framing your mom’s favorite recipe. All of my favorite recipes are on Pinterest and the ones I really like I have book marked, but I don’t have a single one written down. My mom has an index note card case of all her mom and grandmom’s old recipes. These recipes have been passed down, but there are a few that she absolutely loves and probably has committed to memory. I think these frames are a beautiful representation to show your mom not only that you care, but it also shows that you pay attention to her. This one’s at the top of my list (spoiler alert mom!).


Old Shanghai Women’s Kimono Long Robe


I’m a little obsessed with these robes for both their comfort and style. They are so cute and floor length so they are perfect for any time of the year but particularly as the weather gets warmer. This specific one is also extremely affordable so it won’t break the bank like a cashmere robe may. I may actually get myself this one.


Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera Kit


Definitely the priciest item on this list, but mom’s love to take pictures. They may not always be the most digitally savvy so this DSLR camera is perfect for them. There’s an auto setting for beginners and a manual setting for more advanced photographers. One thing I know for sure – most of our mom’s grew up in a time when pictures were taken with a camera. They are usually not as comfortable taking pictures on their phones or backing those pictures up. If anything happens to a phone all of those precious, beautiful pictures are lost. This is the perfect gift for any mom.


Treat your mom this Mother’s Day with a gift she will actually use and don’t forget to get her some flowers too! If you have any great ideas for a gift for your mom on Mother’s Day let me know in the comments below.


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