Using Cheap Caribbean to Plan a Trip to the Dominican Republic

Using Cheap Caribbean to Plan a Trip to the Dominican Republic

I feel like a lot of people are skeptical about using, so I wanted to post about my experience for you all! Also, this is not an affiliate marketing attempt or anything of the kind. I’m not getting paid by anyone to write this post, this is a genuine experience!


Last summer, in the middle of May, my friends and I decided to take a girls trip to the Dominican Republic. Based on the personalities we were with we knew we needed a mix of relaxing and fun, which is why we chose the DR as our destination. After a lot of research and comparing different hotels, we landed on the Dreams Resort in La Romana. All of the reviews seemed to fit exactly what we were looking for; plenty of pool and ocean bars, options for day trips, a spa and of course a beautiful resort.


We were getting such an amazing deal for a flight and all-inclusive hotel that we all came to the agreement that we should upgrade to a more deluxe package – the Unlimited Luxury Package. I cannot recommend this enough. On Cheap Caribbean the upgrade cost us each a total of about $150, which brought our grand total to a little over $1000. Again, this was all-inclusive. So flight, transportation to and from the airport, food, and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) were all included in this price.




Because we upgraded we were also put in these beautiful rooms that had walkout patios and a pool/bar for VIP members only. Upon arrival we were greeted with champagne and brought to our own concierge in the VIP villa area, where we sat on coaches as they explained all of our amenities and options.


These amenities included limitless a la carte dining options, which was a huge plus because there are awkward times between meals where it can be difficult to find food. Limitless international and domestic top-shelf spirits, natural fruit juices, and soft drinks. I don’t think we used this amenity as much, but for those of you that like your natural fruit juice or high end alcohol this is definitely a plus. We had 24-hour room and concierge service and our mini-bar was refreshed daily, which was great because again the dining areas close at a certain time and it was great to be able to order late night french fries :).  We also had wait service at the pool and beaches and unlimited wifi connection. Upgrading for us was really a no brainer, especially for the deal that we got on Cheap Caribbean.


The resort itself was beautiful. I can’t even tell you how many pools there were, many of which had their own bars. I don’t know if it was the time of year that my friends and I went, but there were seven of us and we never had a problem getting lounge chairs in the pool or beach areas. Everyone that works there is super helpful and kind.




They offer various excursions that you can go on for an added price. We opted for a cruise to an island where they had a buffet style lunch for us and a bar. On the way we stopped for an hour or so and we were able to get off of the boat and go snorkeling. We made plenty of friends on this trip and it turned into somewhat of a booze cruise, but don’t worry they won’t let you start drinking until after you snorkel! We met people from all over the world and had an amazing time. This was by far the best day of our trip. I don’t think we stopped laughing all day/night.




The night life was nothing crazy, but definitely the atmosphere to make your own fun. We were also usually so exhausted from the day that by time the night came everyone was pretty worn out. My friends and I are all in our twenties and it was definitely an older crowd and plenty of couples. But again, we chose a hotel like this for a reason and we knew it going into this trip.




The spa was really nice. It was complete with saunas and outdoor hot tubs and pools (which could have been kept a little cleaner, but still beautiful). If you go early you can enjoy all of these things once you slip into your robe or you can stay after your massage/treatment. They offer everything from facials, massages, body treatments, salon treatments, packages, and a fitness center. Some of the options are pretty amazing, so if you stay here I highly recommend treating yourself to a day here. They even have the things you can stick your feet into and the fish eat off the dead skin! So gross, but a few of my friends did it – all of you Kardashian fans out there know what I’m talking about.




The only down fall were the restaurants. The only one that I really had a good meal at was the asian place called Himitsu, weird I know. It had a great atmosphere, there were regular dining options and hibachi style options. We did both and had great meals both times. We also had lunch at Olio one day, which is an adults only restaurant. I would have rather had local food that they were able to cook well than them try and accommodate our taste palette by making food they think we want


All-in-all I cannot recommend Cheap Caribbean enough. Their prices are unbeatable and they made it so unbelievably easy to book the trip. Once it was booked the only thing we were responsible for was showing at the right place and at the right time (which can be difficult in and of itself with seven girls). If you have any other questions or recommendations for my next Cheap Caribbean trip leave them in the comments below!




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