Healthy Snacks for a Road Trip

Healthy Snacks for a Road Trip

I love taking day trips to explore new places not far from my house. Road trips are also a great way to save on airfare costs and allow you stop at new places along the way. There is something about road trips that screams fun and freedom to me. However, sitting in a car for hours and munching on snacks can leave you feeling sluggish. Also, the costs can quickly add up if you haven’t thought it out properly.

Going on a road trip doesn’t have to mean fast food and take out all the way. Whether you’re taking a day trip or road tripping up and down the coast, here are some healthy road trip snack options for you and your travel companions. They will keep you full, satisfied, and energized without breaking the bank.


  1. Carrots and Hummus – Look for the individually packaged snack hummus options
  2. Fresh Fruit – Go to your local farmers market and pick up fresh seasonal fruit, those will be the cheapest and tastiest!
  3. No bake “energy bites” – there are tons of different recipes on the Internet, but here is a list of 25 to get you started! 
  4. Pre-made smoothies
  5. Trail Mix – I like to make it myself so I can control how much sugar/protein is added!
  6. String Cheese
  7. Crispy Chickpeas – you can buy these at Wegmans and Trader Joe’s, or you can make them homemade with this recipe! These are great if you want something to munch on but don’t want all of the extra calories. 
  8. Cheesy Kale Chips – I love kale chips and I love cheese, this recipe satisfies my cravings without ruining my day. 
  9. Popcorn – Make a big thing of non-GMO popcorn and divide it into easy to grab bags. This is also great for portion control.
  10. Pre-Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs – be careful not to smush them!
  11. Nut Butter Packages – Come individually packaged and are a great source of protein.
  12. Fig Bars
  13. Fruit Snacks
  14. Mini Whole Grain Muffins – try to make them at home so you can control what goes into them
  15. Whole Grain Dry Cereal
  16. Drinks – Don’t forget to load up on drinks. Water, coconut water, flavored sparkling water, and almond milk are all great options


These are some of my favorite healthy road trip snacks, but there are hundreds of options on the Internet You may also feel inspired just walking through your Trader Joe’s. Be creative and have fun planning your road trip! If you plan on eating in your car often make sure to keep hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes handy as well.

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