Part 6: Weekend at the Amalfi Coast

Part 6: Weekend at the Amalfi Coast

We stayed in a hotel in Sorento for the weekend.

Friday morning we woke up at six and got on a ferry to Capri, from there we got on smaller private boats which took us on an hour and a half tour around the Island. It was absolutely amazing. For those of you that don’t know, it’s an island made out of 100% limestone. Despite it being 90 degrees, the tops of the mountains on the island, coast, and even Mt. Vesuvius were in the clouds, which gave it a very ominous feel. We went through the Dolce and Gabanna Rocks, and saw Denzel Washington’s house that overlooked them.

Hiking on the Amalfi Coast

The best part of the day was the Blue Grotto. A fun fact about the Blue Grotto – it was supposedly Tiberius’ private swimming hole hundreds of years ago. To get into the grotto was an adventure in itself. We got off of our small boat into an even smaller boat (it held the four of us, plus the man rowing). From there we all had to lie down as he rowed over to a small hole in the side of the island that had a rope attached to the side of it. As the tide went out he grabbed the rope, pulled us through, and laid down on top of us. Being inside of a cave with bright blue water is spectacular. It felt like there were blue lights just shining up from underneath of us, it didn’t seem possible for it to have been completely natural. For a couple of Euros each, the man let us jump in and swim around for a little. We also went to the green and white grottos, which were not nearly as cool. If you’re spending a weekend at the Amalfi Coast I highly recommend taking a tour and swimming in the Blue Grotto, it’s not an experience you’ll soon forget!

Amalfi Coast

Saturday was another very active day. We took a bus to another town on the Amalfi Coast, Positano, where we got on a boat that took us to a private beach for cliff jumping. We spent two hours cliff jumping and hanging out with everyone on the beach. We stopped at a couple of caves on our way back. We jumped off and swim through them for a little before heading back to the beach. This was an unforgettable way to end our weekend at the Amalfi Coast.

That night we went to another authentic restaurant that is known for their steak smothered in a 16 year old aged parmesan cream sauce.

Because we were right there we spent Sunday in Pompeii, and I finally tried Napoleon pizza.

A quick side note – Bus2Alps planned this entire weekend trip. We paid one flat price and basically had the entire weekend agenda planned out for us, with free time to explore as well. I highly recommending using Bus2Alps for all that fit the criteria and want to spend a weekend at the Amalfi Coast.

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