Italy Part 5: Tivoli, Italy (Villa d’Esta)

Italy Part 5: Tivoli, Italy (Villa d’Esta)

First, I’ll start with our lunch…
Villa d'Esta

I can’t describe to you how amazing the view I had while I was eating lunch today. If you find yourself in Tivoli I highly recommend eating at Il Ciocco – beware though, from the outside it is easy to miss. Hundreds of feet below us there was a waterfall, which we could hear that throughout the meal adding to the experience. We ate like Italians (of course) and we left barely able to walk to our next destination.

Tivoli Italy

When we finally arrived at Villa d’Esta I could not believe my eyes. I have never seen a garden so beautiful and well thought out in my entire life. Every water fountain and statue had a meaning dating back to Renaissance Italy. The main attraction was the largest fountain, which also had an organ within it and once the water pressure built up enough it pushed the air through it and played by itself – it was amazing. We walked around for two hours and could have for two more. If you love nature, history, and beauty you cannot pass up on the opportunity to visit Villa d’Esta.

villa d'esta

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