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9 Things You Can Do Everyday To Increase Your Happiness

9 Things You Can Do Everyday To Increase Your Happiness

Being happy is a choice  (which we too often forget). We look to other people for happiness. We blame situations or things for our sadness or our anger, forgetting we are in complete control of our thoughts and feelings (even though sometimes it may feel […]

Olio e Piu Restaurant Review – West Village, NYC

Olio e Piu Restaurant Review – West Village, NYC

The Atmosphere If you find yourself in the West Village, Olio e Piu is a must try. The inside is adorable and quaint. It’s the perfect mix of romantic vintage with a modern, upscale touch. Though in typical New York fashion, they try to cram […]

Farmer & The Fish – Gramercy, NYC {Review}

Farmer & The Fish – Gramercy, NYC {Review}

Farmer and The Fish is located between 19th and 20th Street on Park Ave in NYC. Just walking by the atmosphere is inviting, the people working and dining are all laughing and enjoying themselves, and the happy hour is just what you need on a hot day!



This was one of the things that attracted my friends and I to it originally. We were actually walking by last week on our way to another dinner place and noticed it. After looking up the menu we couldn’t help resist, we found ourselves here a few days later.


We went at the start of summer, so they had a very outdoor/indoor vibe going. The front of the restaurant is made of all floor to ceiling glass windows/doors, which were all opened on the day we went. They have tables that are set up right along the divider, so you’re able to enjoy all of the benefits of dining outside while still being indoors.


The interior is rustic, chic. They have exposed brick and lots of white walls and subway tiles, with the perfect pops of green ivy and crystal chandeliers. It all works really well together and sets the mood for whatever brings you out – happy hour with friends or a romantic date night 🙂


Farmer and The Fish


I would love to get back here to explore even more of the menu because everything I had was amazing. I met some friends after work for happy hour and we sat on a high top in the bar area, so the food we ordered was very much in line with this.


To start we got a few dozen oysters with our first glass of wine to unwind a little. We decided to order a bunch of things and share, which happens a lot when we’re together because we all want to try everything 🙂


One of the appetizer specials of the day were Shanghai Spring Rolls, which were the perfect combination of sweet and savory (if you use the dipping sauce they come with). I do wish that our server had told us that they were deep fried before we ordered them. These went really well with the shrimp & veggie fried rice!


We also ordered a lobster roll, which was amazing but a pretty small. There were no fillers at all, it was 100% crab meat. It wasn’t too heavy with mayo or other sauces. The chef included some lettuce, cucumber, and radish for an extra crunch, which really freshened the entire dish up. The bread was thick and perfectly buttery and toasted, I could have eaten 10 more 🙂 It was served with a side of potato wedges, which were also done perfectly – super crispy on the outside, just how I like it!


My friends love spicy things, so I rarely get through a meal with them without trying something muy caliente haha. This time they ordered buffalo shrimp, which were breaded and deep friend but surprisingly light and flakey. I would never think to put buffalo sauce on seafood, but I am now a believer in it! There were also slices of cucumber and radish throughout this dish as well.


oysters and wine


Happy Hour:

Yes, they have a happy hour (which is not clear on their website or on Yelp!) Like most happy hours, it’s the bar area only. If you go after work, chances are the bar area will be crowded, while the rest of the restaurant is completely open – this is why!


The happy hour at Farmer and The Fish is pretty standard, but extremely satisfying. It starts around 4 or 5 – we got there around 5:45, and it ends at 7. They chose 1 type of oyster that is $1 that day. They also have draft beer is $4, and a couple different white and red wines that are $6.  



Buffalo Shrimp and Lobster Roll

Takes Reservations:

Yes – always good to know in NYC 🙂 Dining area only.


I really loved everything about Farmer and The Fish. The environment was upscale but warm and inviting. It was a great place for all different types of occasions and people. Everything we tried was delicious. I waiter was very sweet. He even noticed that we got caught up chatting and was able to extend our happy hour a little longer! The owner brought us over a glass full of bourbon cherries to try while he was mixing drinks with the bartenders at the bar.



I will definitely be back!




Farmer & The Fish - Gramercy, NYC Review Pinterest Image


Galer Estate Winery/Vineyard Review

Galer Estate Winery/Vineyard Review

If you’re looking to mix it up and try something new in the Philadelphia area, but don’t want to break the bank, I highly recommend doing a wine tasting at Galer Estate. Here is my winery review!

8 Must Have Shoes for Working Women in the Summer

8 Must Have Shoes for Working Women in the Summer

These are just a few of my favorite shoe styles this summer for women who work.The best part is that most of these shoes can be worn outside of work too.

20 Something Reminders For Every 20 Something Year Old

20 Something Reminders For Every 20 Something Year Old

Our 20’s can be the most fun years of our lives, but also the scariest. There are a lot of unanswered questions and we’re all just trying to climb our way to the top. We try to balance a social life with a budding career. Everyone is calling us adults, but we still feel like we’re teenagers. Everyone in their 20’s needs the occasional reminder that they’re doing just fine, so here’s yours 🙂 20 something reminders for every 20 something year old!

Here are your reminders:



20 Something Reminders For Every 20 Something Year Old





Cool Amazon Finds

Cool Amazon Finds

Amazon is the Target of the Internet, you can’t go on without buying something! Here are the coolest Amazon finds from this week.

Eating Your Way Through Italy – 10 MUST Hit Food Spots

Eating Your Way Through Italy – 10 MUST Hit Food Spots

What better way to explore Italy than eating your way through it?! These are the ten MUST hit food spots on your next trip

My Favorite Beauty Products from April

My Favorite Beauty Products from April

Hey guys! I know I’m a few days late, but my travel schedule with work has been crazy this month.


I’m really excited to share my favorites from this month. With summer just around the corner I know these are going to be my style staples! Each of the products below link to the product if you’re interested in checking them out for yourself 🙂 As always, there is something for every price point!


Cover FX Foundation

Cover FX Liquid Foundation


Some of you may know this already, but this is the most natural line of products that Sephora carries. Not only is this liquid foundation oil free, but it is also free of parabens, fragrance, mineral oils, talc, and gluten. On top of that it is vegan and cruelty-free, but still packed with vitamins and minerals! When I heard all of that I had to try it! I have semi-sensitive skin, so I am always pretty conscious about what I’m putting on my face.


One of my favorite things about this product, besides the fact that the color matches my skin perfectly, is that it can be sheer to full coverage depending on how you apply it. I usually have to use a sheer coverage foundation for my daytime casual look and then a full coverage foundation when I go out. Cover FX foundation allows me to determine my own coverage based how much I build the product up!


I plan on trying more of their products in the future so stay tuned!

St Tropez

St. Tropez Express Self Tanning Mousse 


Spring is my favorite season, you can finally start to trade your big bulky sweaters for sundresses. But you realize really quickly just how pale you got over the winter. I’m really against tanning beds and try to use sunscreen whenever I go outside, but I still love when my skin is bronzed and glowing. While I am a fan of Jergens (LINK) self tanners for maintaining a tan, I am in loveee with this St. Tropez self tanner.


You use a mitt to apply it, so you don’t have to worry about orange palms. You also get to control your tan based on the length of time you keep it on, compared to a lot of other self tanners that are based on the color that you buy. You also aren’t left walking around smelling like self tanner for the next couple of days, which is definitely a plus.


After using this I really feel like I just sat on a beach for a few hours, and when I want to be dramatic I look like I just got back from vacation 🙂


BUXOM Lip Polish Lip Plumper


Another product free of parabens and sulfates, and packed with Vitamin A & E! I love the sensation of lip plumpers because they make me hyper aware of my lips. Something about this gloss makes me feel like I’m drawing attention to my lips, and isn’t that the whole point of lip products? This gloss comes in over 60 shades, so it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find one you love!


Full disclosure, it is a little stickier than I usually go with for my lips, but the plumper part of it totally makes up for it IMO.

Living Proof

Living Proof Perfect Day-In Shower Styler


I lovee innovative products that make my life easier, and this is definitely one of them. I may have a slight obsession with all Living Proof products, but that’s only because they really work. I’m super picky about what I put in my hair and I dislike products more often than I like them, honestly. This is a style product for those of us with straight to wavy hair that like to let our hair air dry on occasion, aka my perfect weekend product.


You apply it in the shower and then lightly rinse it out, enhancing your hair’s natural texture and body while still leaving it soft and shiny. It’s sulfate and silicone free so it’s safe for chemically and color treated hair.

Elf Kabuki Brush 


I usually hate cheap makeup brushes because they don’t apply my makeup evenly and/or they leave behind bristols on my face. This brush is similar to a Mac kabuki brush that I used to have, but it’s a fraction of the cost. I am literally obsessed with it. I use it to apply my powder foundation or my setting powder. It’s a really high quality kabuki brush for a really low cost.



And that’s it for my April Favorite Beauty Products. If you are looking for other products that I have loved in the past check out February and March!


Let me know if you have tried any of these products, if any products stick out to you, or if there’s anything I should review for next month!



6 Mothers Day Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Use

6 Mothers Day Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Use

Here are 6 great Mother’s Day gifts that your mom will actually find both meaningful and useful. A great way to celebrate the amazing woman in your life!

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